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2018 Conference



Saturday Day Pass Required

Environmental Sustainability

and Natural Systems Conservation

Saturday, February 10         5:00 pm - 6:45 pm         Room: Permaculture Plaza

     Join us as we generate new cultural approaches towards conservation.  Modern society here-to-fore has been stuck in a stop gap Preservation consciousness.  As we struggle to define spaces on the planet that will not be touched be our human influences, preservation-wars rage in debate, as to which spaces will be preserved and to what degree. 

     The new model of environmentalism society begs us to Conserve which is quite different in that within a Conservation model we strive to improve the conditions of the natural systems and spaces.  For example, we don’t just try to save a tree we empower the nutrient systems of the soil and actively plant trees, physically guard fragile reefs as we clean trash and dangerous discarded fishing nets from the area.

     Join these renowned real life expert activists as they tell tale of conservation consciousness stories, lessons, status, and actions.  Not to be missed!

Moderator: David King

Ryan  Allen serves as the Director of Environmental Programs for the Los Angeles Beautification Team whose mission is “to improve the quality of life in Los Angeles by empowering citizens to change their environment for the better.”  For the last 10 years Ryan has worked with communities throughout Los Angeles by helping residents realize their goals for a safer, healthier, and more beautiful neighborhood.  In addition to the community based urban forestry work, he also serves as Chair for the City of Los Angeles Community Forest Advisory Committee.  In this role Ryan works with City staff and elected officials on urban forestry policy and helps build a bridge for residents to engage with the City.  Ryan is an ISA Certified Arborist, and believes every resident in Los Angeles, no matter what neighborhood, deserves to live on a beautiful tree lined street.

David Hance
is the Chief Operating Officer of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization, who’s mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. David has worked in various roles within Sea Shepherd since 2009, including spending time at sea and on multiple campaigns to protect the oceans and animals.   David will provide valuable insight on the current state of the oceans, as well as solutions that can help slow or cease the rapid destruction of our very precious and important oceans around the world.

Dan McCollister is the founder of the mobile phone app “cropswap.”  The app allows neighbors to trade homegrown fruits and vegetables from their phone. He has hosted urban gardening workshops all over the US and will be embarking on a nationwide tour starting this May. 
George Patton LA Eco Village  - Urban Farmer and long time resident of the LA Eco Village. George had his first organic garden in 1954, of mostly squash and tomatoes. Then, in the 1970's he studied Bio-Dynamic Farming and compost making, in the 1980's studied Permaculture with Bill Mollison; and also hosted the "Gardening Naturally" show on KCRW.  In past decades he has created gardens all over the Los Angeles area.  Currently George is helping to create a garden to teach gardening to students in the L.A. School District, and hosts "Gardening For Life" on, podcasts at