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2018 Conference


Friday Day Pass Required

High Vibrational Living

Friday, February 9      5:00 pm - 6:45 pm    Room: Permaculture Plaza

      A great way to kick off your Conscious Life weekend experience!  Join the discussion and apply the basic tools of Higher Vibrational Living throughout weekend and beyond.  Build on the foundation of eating high alkaline living foods, channeling energy in and out through movement of breathe and body, and setting your intentional prayer field to project your maximum positive destiny.  Join the discussion with a panel of experts hosted by Jennifer Young.

     Don’t miss this crucial information and opportunity to set your intention for a magical synchronistic EXPO and higher realized destiny!!! 

Moderator: Jennifer Youngs

La Joy Farr is a Visionary water researcher who realized the health and wellness
benefits of maintaining the body's optimal ph state by using alkalinized water was a major health break through.  When her research, passion, and availability of technologies intersected, La Joy founded her water company, Beyond O2 Premium Alkaline Oxygen Water, which offers purified, oxygenated, alkalized,. mineralized, custom waters everyday.

Paula Ferraro is an alchemical artist, weaving her passions for healing through nature
re-connection into internal and external beauty solutions.  She is the creator of 'Scents Of Awe', an organic essential oil skincare line based in Malibu, Ca.  Through her non-profit M4tK (Music 4 the Kids) she has been awarded for her healing work with chronically ill youth.

Keshava Rossi is an innovative and unorthodox vegan chef, and owner of "Soltribe
Cuisine", inspired to create Soltribe, returning with all handmade, organic vegetarian food the following year. Soltribe grew exponentially, due to the amazing (and unheard-of) delicious food being created at festivals, and

Keshava's innovation and drive to get awesome vegan food to the people who were ready for it. His mission is to make clean, organic, local, plant-based, and delicious food accessible and available to all people, and to prove that vegan food can be as deeply satisfying and nourishing (if not more so) than it's omnivorous counterpart.

Tai Chi Paul, For over 10 years, Paul has maintained a daily Tai Chi and Bagua practice.  He currently teaches two weekly classes at TC  Society, two at Santa Monica

College, and one at the Palisades YMCA, as well as private classes for Corporate events and workshops. 


In 2106 he was invited to participate in the International Wushu Martial Arts competition in Sanjou China. He came home with honors, medals and a greater appreciation for Chinese Martial Arts and the Chinese culture. In teaching he seeks to impart to his students the benefits of a Tai Chi practice for health and longevity as well as a journey towards discovering who we are. 


Rehmannia Dean Thomas

Rehmannia is an initiate into the 5000 year old Gate of Life lineage of Tonic Herbalism. He completed an 8 year apprenticeship (1998-2006) as Teamaster for Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden. Rehmannia holds a degree as Master Herbalist from Natural Healing College, studied TCM diagnosis at Alhambra Medical University, and is a U.C Master Gardener.


Rehmannia is author of seven books, including Raw Chi, Healing Thresholds, Elixirs of Immortality, and his novel The Hsien. He has recently launched an online course, the Gate of Life., and has created unique Tonic herbal products, available from his company Shaman Shack Herbs




Dr. Catherine (Catie) J. Wyman-Norris, N.D., C.N.C.

Known as the Nutrition Guru to the Star's & Formulator For Our Times, Dr. Catie Norris' passion is searching the world over for the most powerful plant superfoods and creating highly functional whole plant food supplements & foods that fill the serious voids and overall vitamin and mineral needs that are crucial to support a thriving body.  She is also the author of best seller "Magnetic Miracles" and “The Truth About Calcium” as well as CEO of Catie's Organics and Simply Young-Evidence based Longevity Products that Support Youth From the Inside Out!