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2018 Conference


Sunday Day Pass Required

Conscious Consumption:
Humanity and the Way We Eat

Sunday, February 11         4:00 pm - 4:45 pm     Room: Permaculture Plaza

     The way we eat as humans today, especially in the west, is destructive. Not only to ourselves, but to the environment as well. From saturating our plants with poisons, to genetically manipulating them into forms unnatural, to destroying the very earth they grow on by cramping every square acre with far too many livestock. As we become more aware of the impact this has on our well-being, we are learning how to navigate the maze that is unconscious consumption. Keshava delivers a guide map to help you through the maze using statistics and current scientific understanding as markers pointing towards a new beginning. We will also touch on the spiritual and less tangible aspects of these matters, as without them we are cursed to wander the labyrinth forever.


Keshava Rossi is an innovative and unorthodox vegan chef, and owner of "Soltribe Cuisine", inspired to create Soltribe, returning with all handmade, organic vegetarian food the following year. Soltribe grew exponentially, due to the amazing (and unheard-of) delicious food being created at festivals, and Keshava's innovation and drive to get awesome vegan food to the people who were ready for it. His mission is to make clean, organic, local, plant-based, and delicious food accessible and available to all people, and to prove that vegan food can be as deeply satisfying and nourishing (if not more so) than it's omnivorous counterpart.