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2018 Conference


Friday Day Pass Required

Natural Building with Ray Cirino

Friday, February 9      3:00 pm - 4:45 pm      Room: Permaculture Plaza


     Natural Building with Ray Cirino is a hands on opportunity to learn about and experience the building blocks to a more sustainable way of living


     Ray will focus on fireproof houses and the future of home design.  Kick off the Expo with this hands on workshop and continue building Saturday morning. With Ray to create tangible living space from natural and durable elements.


Ray fulfills his dream of making the world ecologically sustainable while enjoying each moment doing so. In 2012 he was awarded with the City of Los Angeles Certificate of Commendation for his creative contributions and community organizations.


His insatiable appetite to build things has prompted him to develop multiple skills. Especially interested in the patterns of nature and bio mimicry, he completing an architectural degree at Miami-Dade Architecture School and began a custom furniture business in Sunnyvale, California. Ray went on to earn his diploma from the North American School of Natural Building in 2002. After twenty years of fine woodworking, he moved to Los Angeles to work as an industrial designer, welder and artist, opening a new world of discovery as an artist inventor. Ray founded two Water Woman festivals based on permaculture techniques and sustainable art.


In 2002, he began studies in permaculture and continues as a top innovator in this movement focused on sustainable energy, agriculture, water, and shelter systems.