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2018 Conference


Saturday Day Pass Required

Urban Gardening

Saturday, February 10      1:00 pm - 2:45 pm   

Room: Permaculture Plaza

Garden and mini farm design systems that thrive!

     Functional design ideas, producing more food with much less space is bringing urban lifestyle ever closer to sustainability. 

     Come discover techniques and processes for growing  much amazing organic produce.  Even entertain possibilities you hadn't thought of with animals, bees, trees and new ideas. 

Panel Moderator: Dan McCollister

Ron Capri has been Urban Gardening in L.A. for decades, starting out in 1985 with only a few tomato plants in the front yard, and nothing to prove.


In 2010 he joined other founding members to create the Malibu Agricultural Society, with the goal of growing as much local organic food as possible, living a plant-based diet, and learning everything about natural farming and gardening with folks who do it regularly.


Ron has faced many of the challenges, blessings and discoveries that come with gardening along the coast, including fruit tree grafting, pruning, biodynamic compost making, compost tea, mulch, vermiculture, permaculture, water conservation, chickens, and bees.


He remains tuned-in to other local enthusiast clubs including Poison-Free Malibu, Ojai Transition to Organics, the Slow Food Movement, Seed Library of L.A., The California Rare Fruit Growers, L.A. Backwards Beekeepers and Honeylove.

Tyler Hess is a healer of land, culture, and soul. A certified permaculture designer,
Work That Reconnects facilitator, and Way of Council space holder, Tyler interweaves ecological and social regeneration. He graduated college with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture, along with a self-designed major that included wide-ranging interests in Philosophy, Anthropology, Forestry, and Environmental Sociology. For over six years, he has traveled the country, apprenticing at many renowned permaculture farms, homesteads, and intentional communities. Recently  settled into the Ojai Valley, Tyler lives at East End Eden, a 10 acre permaculture farm and educational center, where he offers land design consultations, sacred circle facilitation, and herbal medicine crafts.

David King / Founder: Venice Learning Garden Seed Library of Los Angeles

 A constant gardener in the field of activism.  David has maintained a grounded approach to turning the tide of non-sustainable practices.  Follow his solid accomplishments rooted in community supported action and nurtured by a burning sense of urgency.


Leading the way as founder of the Seed Library of Los Angeles, as a UCLA teacher, and Director of The Learning Garden(the famous community garden on the campus of Venice High).


An entertaining and knowledgeable speaker, David has given thousands of public talks, TV & Radio appearances, and is published in magazines and horticultural journals.  Look forward to his new book, "Growing Food In Southern California" . 

Nicole Landers has been an advocate for environmental and human health as her

mission is to guide the next generation into meaningful action for more than two decades.

Nicole is the Co-Founder of a non-profit that launched in Venice, Community Healing Gardens (CHG). The mission of CHG is fostering community through urban gardening while educating on planetary and human health while growing local food systems.  CHG focuses on underserved and diverse communities as well as the next generation living in these areas of Los Angeles.

Nicole is a TEDx Speaker, a recent graduate from the Sustainability Certificate Program at UCLA as well as completed the training as a Climate Reality Leader under VP Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corp. 

Dan McCollister i
s the founder of the mobile phone app “cropswap.”  The app allows neighbors to trade homegrown fruits and vegetables from their phone. He has hosted urban gardening workshops all over the US and will be embarking on a nationwide tour starting this May.

Eleuterio Navarro is the son of a Mexican farmer, was born and raised in a small farm in Jalisco Mexico till the age of 7, when his family migrated to Los Angeles. He lives up to the values instill by his parents of giving back to his community by being involved in food security and homeless advocacy issues in West Los Angeles.


In 2014, he joined the UCCE Master Gardener Volunteer organization and spends his time at The Learning Garden teaching and promoting food security among his community by helping teach The Victory Garden classes in the Fall and Spring, as well providing access to free organic veggies to those in need every Wednesday via the garden’s “Veggie Wednesday” program.


He believes that access to good nutrition is a human right, especially those living on the streets and using those same organic vegetables from Wednesday, he coordinates a food service for the Homeless in Venice every Sunday for the last 4 years.


In 2017, he was elected the new chair for the Seed Library of Los Angeles (SLOLA). As chair, it is his mission to facilitate the growth of open-pollinated seeds among residents of Los Angeles County, by helping build a seed collection and repository, educating members about the practice of seed-saving, and creating a local community of seed-saving gardeners.

Rick Perillo / Muse Plant Based Permaculture School

Since graduating from California State University, Northridge in 2006, Rick Perillo has been exploring and teaching sustainable gardening practices. He has worked on organic farms in New Zealand and Colorado, as well as earned two Permaculture Certificates, his Master Gardener Certificate, and Certificate in Global Sustainability from UCLA. Rick currently is designing and teaching a garden-based curriculum at MUSE School as well as running the website