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2018 Conference


The Eye of God


Monday, February 12        5:00 pm - 7:30 pm        Room: Century C



An intensive seminar-workshop in which we will address the secret of  the pineal gland and its relationship with our dormant human capabilities such as telepathy or perception of different realities. In this workshop we will also talk about the force-core that still prevails in all living creatures and throughout the universe, an old teaching that was well known by ancient mystery schools, that could help human beings to return to their essence. This force-core is known as “Nous Atom”, “Divine particle” or “Minus Nucleus”, and it is very tightly linked to personal healing, since it is the source of the human energy field. This human potentiality is regulated by the psyches and its connection with the pineal gland. In this workshop we will do some practical meditation exercises and techniques to awaken the pineal gland.

Ricardo Gonzalez is a renowned Peruvian researcher, contactee and prolific writer about extra-terrestrial life, lost civilizations and new consciousness. He has circled the globe several times investigating mysterious and ancient places. He has spoken at conferences and congresses in over 40 countries.