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2018 Conference


Cacao Ceremony Workshop

                                                         Monday, February 12

8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Location: Century C


     Experience a soulful ritual of Guided Meditation, Song, and Sharing.  Bring your intentions to your inner alter and create your Sacred Garden.  Work with the Spirit of Cacao, coupled with shamanic tools to achieve instant communication with your higher self.  Come and drink the cup of liquid love.  This heart-opening, "mood-enhancing" Crillo cacao brew is similar to what Cacao Shamans poured thousands of years ago.  Leave with lightness and an opened heart.


Sky and Omra hold a healing space of transformation.  Sky is a speaker, writer and the Founder of Medicinal Foods. Omra works as a healer and clothing designer.  She is a channel for energetic clearing, a visionary artist and singer/songwriter as well.  Drawing from their life-long relationship with Cacao and having searched the Ecuadorian Amazon for the purest sources, Sky and Omra invite you to embrace the Spirit of Cacao.