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2018 Conference


Manipulate Time Anunnaki Technique

Monday, February 12       5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Location: Century B


      It would be beneficial if you could manipulate time in such a way as to be faster than normal people, this is what we are going to do at this seminar.

     Ones’ consciousness changes under the influence of this exercise. Ways to carry out task under this influence will be revealed.

     Using this Anunnaki Technique, things can be done faster if you learn to break the mold of the linear time; the Anunnaki have a technique one can learn to do so.

     Equipment needed will be available.

     The technique will be revealed step by step to take advantage of time manipulation.

     Closing the energy circle: The strong field of energy must be closed to eliminate the influence over one’s consciousness.  


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