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2018 Conference

Sunday Day Pass Required

The Secret Space Program,
Earth Changes and Ascension


 Sunday, February 11       8:00 pm - 9:30 pm   
Room: La Jolla

Over the last 3 years a rapid shift in human consciousness
has been tangibly felt on a global scale.

Never before have we seen humanity so dedicated to bringing out the truth, exposing deceit and connecting the dots of a global conspiracy that touches the hearts and minds of every human being on this planet.

At the center of this consciousness shift you will find the work of Researcher and New Times best selling Author David Wilcock along with the vastly comprehensive testimony of Whistle Blower and Author Corey Goode.

This dynamic duo has rocked the foundation of the status quo with their highly acclaimed and hard-hitting documentary series Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV.   Now in its 8th season Cosmic Disclosure has been credited with single-handedly connecting the dots between Government Corruption, Secret Societies, Esoteric Belief Systems, Inner Earth Life, True Human History, Spiritual Slavery, Higher Density Beings, ET Contact, the Babylonian Money Magic System and Ascension.  Corey and David have brought all the threads together in a fascinating tapestry that has exposed the Achilles heal of a global Cabal of Criminal Syndicates.

Join David & Corey for a gaze into the Abyss of truth through a stunning presentation of evidence and evolving testimony, research and theory.

And David says, “As we approach the event, we will provide a more specific description of what the most exciting, relevant, jaw-dropping information we can present will be… so stay tuned!”