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2018 Conference

Keynote Workshop
Saturday Day
Pass Required

Secret Space Program:

You CAN Handle the Truth!

Saturday, February 10
pm - 10:00 pm
Plaza Ballroom

Post Conference

Ascension and the Afterlife

Monday, February 12

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

La Jolla Ballroom

Keynote Address

Secret Space Program:

You CAN Handle the Truth!

A remarkable battle for disclosure is playing itself out on the world stage at this time. A cigar-shaped “asteroid” discussed in the mainstream media may well be the remains of a very ancient spacecraft. The New York Times is openly discussing UFOs and showing videos of them, complete with whistleblowers saying we are not alone.

Historically, the world has been secretly run by an international cult of elite Luciferians we call the Cabal. They are now being strongly challenged by the Alliance, which may consist of as much as 90 percent of the US military as well as a majority of the foreign governments in the world.

The Alliance is closing in on their final goal of defeating the Cabal and sending many key conspirators off to prison.However, even the Alliance has felt we are “not ready” for a full disclosure. Instead, they are pushing for a “Partial Disclosure,” where we still learn some very amazing things but the full truth could be withheld for 20, 50, even 100 years. However, we already have a very good idea of what that suppressed “full truth” will be!

Join David Wilcock in this tour-de-force presentation, where we come face-to-face with the intel he has gathered from multiple insiders working within the Secret Space Program, including his 10-year associate Emery Smith, who very recently came forward. Emery claims to have autopsied some three thousand different types of extraterrestrial humanlike species, and his information has electrified the UFO community with new revelations.

Post Conference Seminar

Ascension and the Afterlife

The Secret Space Program scientists are well aware that we are heading into an event of cosmic proportions. Within just a few more years, the Sun is expected to give off a huge flash of white light that will fundamentally change the nature of matter, energy and consciousness, as well as dramatically affecting the way we experience time.

David Wilcock has compiled an astonishing collection of prophecies from ancient traditions all across the world telling us to expect such an event, and predicting a spontaneous evolution of the human species as a result.

He will also discuss the groundbreaking research of Dr. Michael Newton into the ten stages we all go through in the afterlife – regardless of whether we remember them consciously or not. We discover that every person has a soul with a very specific agenda.

In order to be ready for Ascension, it is vitally important to understand these stages of the afterlife and what they are intending to teach you. David will help you tap into your true soul purpose for being alive on Earth. This will help to unlock your innate genius as well as align you with your soul’s deepest mission. You can then begin directly downloading your boarding passes for the Ascension!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet David at the junction point of science and philosophy, where dreams are just another level of reality and we all have a glorious future ahead of us… if we are ready to take it.


David Wilcock and Corey Goode

Sunday Night Special Event 

David Wilcock and Corey Goode and  have electrified the UFO community by revealing the existence of a vast, clandestine Secret Space Program. Earthly citizens like Corey have been brought into a world where Star Trek-type space travel and ET interaction are an everyday event. We have learned that we are surrounded by a cast of characters, some good and some very evil. We are rapidly heading towards a disclosure event that will become the most remarkable revelation of truth in recorded human history.  The mega-hurricanes, super storms, earthquakes and natural disasters that shocked the world in 2017 are part of an overall energetic shift that is creating similar effects on the sun and all the planets in our solar system. Numerous ET-inspired ancient teachings predicted these very events and said they would lead up to an epic solar flash, where the sun becomes much brighter and creates DNA and consciousness-activating energy fields. Disclosure is an intrinsic part of our collective awakening that will bring this “Ascension” event to fruition. By educating ourselves about the truth, and the direct role we play in this “proxy war” between positive and negative extraterrestrials, we can activate our own innate potentials and prepare ourselves for the most stunning event of all time. Join David and Corey for this unflinching glimpse into our true past — and our stunning tomorrow!

Over the last 3 years a rapid shift in human consciousness has been tangibly felt on a global scale. Never before have we seen humanity so dedicated to bringing out the truth, exposing deceit and connecting the dots of a global conspiracy that touches the hearts and minds of every human being on this planet. At the center of this consciousness shift you will find the work of Researcher and New Times best selling Author David Wilcock along with the vastly comprehensive testimony of Whistle Blower and Author Corey Goode.

This Dynamic duo has rocked the foundation of the status quo with their highly acclaimed hard-hitting documentary series "Cosmic Disclosure" on Gaia TV. Now in its 8th season with no signs of stopping, Cosmic Disclosure has been credited with single-handedly connecting the dots between Government Corruption, Secret Societies, Esoteric Belief Systems, Inner Earth Life, True Human History, Spiritual Slavery, Higher Density Beings, ET Contact, the Babylonian Money Magic System and Ascension.

Corey and David have brought all the threads together in a fascinating tapestry that has exposed the Achilles heal of a global Cabal of Criminal Syndicates. Join David & Corey for a gaze into the Abyss of truth through a stunning presentation of evidence and testimony, research and theory, then ask yourself "Do I dare allow the truth to gaze into me"?


“As we approach the event, we will provide a more specific description of what the most exciting, relevant, jaw-dropping information we can present will be… so stay tuned!”


David Wilcock is the triple best-selling author of Source Field, Synchronicity Key and The Ascension Mysteries, a regular on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, and the star of three highly popular shows on the Gaia network: Cosmic Disclosure, Wisdom Teachings and Disclosure. His groundbreaking investigations into ancient civilizations, consciousness science, new physics and conspiracy analysis have earned him the trust of multiple high-level insiders who have passed along a wealth of information about the Alliance—a group working to free us from financial and spiritual tyranny.

David has documented and analyzed his dreams every morning for 23 years, and has used them to make a variety of accurate prophecies. He is also widely regarded as the reincarnation of the legendary American psychic Edgar Cayce, possessing a stunning facial and astrological resemblance as well as having similar talents.

Corey Goode, identified as an intuitive empath (IE),  was recruited, trained and served in MILAB Programs from the ages of 6 to 16 years of age and then 20 years in various programs. Goode’s IE abilities were crucial in interfacing with Non-Terrestrial Beings While in the Secret Space Programs. Goode had a variety of assignments including assignment to an ASSR “ISRV” – Auxiliary Specialized Space Research, Interstellar Class Vessel, and much more. Corey Goode is a co-host with David Wilcock on Gaia TV’s “Cosmic Disclosure”.