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2018 Conference

                                           FREE WORKSHOP

                                                      Sunday Day Pass Required

How Going Vegan Can Save the World

Sunday, February 11       8:00 pm -  9:30 pm       Room: Newport B

This is THE simple solution to chronic disease and economic inequality. Imagine that one, quick fix solution, we've all been searching for is in the palm of your hands.... The solution to heal our bodies, rampant disease, poverty and famine. We have the power and control to shift the future and make huge impact on the lives of every being on this planet.  It all starts on your plate. The choices we make now can reverse decades of damage and shift planetary consciousness!  In this workshop, Vegan activist and thyroid cancer survivor will teach you the blueprint for an easy transition to start living a lifestyle that will save your health and the the world. 


Natalie Sweida is a vegan activist, pre-med student in nutrition science, health enthusiast and thyroid cancer survivor.  She has successfully managed the symptoms of cancer through healthy lifestyle choices.  She is on a mission to help others attain remission of their symptoms, as well as heal the planet.