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2018 Conference

                                          PAID WORKSHOP

Saturday Day Pass Required

Psychic, Mediumship, Psychometry, Empath

Saturday, February 10       6:00 pm - 7:30pm       Room: Los Angeles B

We will work on an infrastructure using psychic, mediumship,
 psychometry, empathic powers and the Akashic Records.
We will work on how to set an intention with authority
 through the power of almighty divinity.
We will work with supernatural beings and
learn how to send out prayers that get results.

Short readings will demonstrate the result of combining powers, and an unforgettable experience being in the presence of almighty beings assisting Vickie. Sharpen your gifted skills, learn new techniques, and discover your spiritual powers. Everyone is invited.


CERTIFICATES & AWARDS: 6th National & International election/vote United States and World’s lightworkers 2016-2017. Of 17,000 entries from 83 countries. Public’s choice and word of mouth from around the globe Vickie Gay RANKS: World’s Best and America’s #1 Psychic, Medium, Paranormal Researcher Investigator. CERTIFIED Psychic Medium by AFCP Inc., NY.  AUTHOR of various books.