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2018 Conference

Saturday Day Pass Required

 Shamanic Healing

A Transformational Event

Saturday, February 10     2:00 pm - 3:30 pm     Room: Los Angeles B


Shamanic Healing

In this Shamanic Healing event, Zarathustra creates a safe and empowering experience for physical/emotional healing as well as spiritual awakening. Active meditations, self-love affirmations, and Zarathustra’s powerful third eye activation are accompanied by hypnotic and transcendental shamanic music.  Participants will receive hands-on shamanic healing and psychic surgery as needed.

In Shamanic Healing we move into an altered state of consciousness to access the spirit world for the purposes of bringing back healing, light, and information.
In Psychic Surgery we remove energetic blockages that create mental, physical & spiritual disorders


Monday, Feb 12    8:00 pm - 10:30 pm    Century A

Third Eye Activation

Awaken the Healer Within

In this powerful and dynamic seminar, Zarathustra activates your third eye to help you reach the 5th Dimension. You will learn methods to keep your third eye open & activated through specialized breathing techniques. These meditations can have immediate results in activating your healing hands & abilities.

Most participants report:

  • Increased innate healing abilities
  • Ability to clear & restore auric fields
  • Enhanced psychic abilities
  • Increased clairvoyant, clairaudient & clairsentient abilities
  • Access to alternate dimensions
  • Extreme feeling of freedom, divine bliss & oneness

Zarathustra is the internationally known founder of 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing & Awareness. Spiritual teacher & master healer, he offers a unique blend of highly advanced transformative healing & awareness training programs. After 25 years of studying with Eastern and Western masters, Zarathustra helps people activate their own “inner healer”.