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We are very pleased to present the October 2011 Conscious Life Expo. We have named it The Visionary Expo to identify the central theme of this event. It's about new ideas, new ways of thinking, new ways of organizing our affairs to come into alignment with the accelerating transformation we see all around. Take a few minutes to explore all the amazing events we have lined up. Then get your discounted tickets and come to the Expo. See you there!


George Noory

Terri Amos Britt

John Major Jenkins

Gloria Loring

Mike Gravel

Nick Redfern

William Henry

Don Tolman

Marisa Russo

Laura Eisenhower
Bruce Goldberg

 Jason Martell


Whitley Streiber
Sean David Morton
Barbara Lamb

Emy Shanti

Debra Katz
Roger Leir
Marcia Martin


Chief Golden Eagle
Dr. Carlos

Xavier Yxayotl

Gail Thackray

Pat Boone

Peter Canova

Lupita Villalaizo

Dr. Jim
Bourque Starr


Ron Amitron

Riz Mirza

Marsh Engle

Kaitlyn Keyt

Beth Lapides

Dee Wallace

Lori Spagna

Scott Catamas
September 30th, October 1st and 2nd
LAX Hilton, Los Angeles, California