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Thank you everyone who participated
in the October 2012 Expo

Healthy Living
Cosmic Secrets
Spiritual Traditions
Great Food & Music
Free Panels
Free Lectures
2 Exhibit Halls
Latino Spirituality

George Noory

Gail Thackray

John Major Jenkins

Giorgio Tsoukalos

Michael Simonson

John Hogue

Ac Tah
Richard Hoagland

Paramahansa Jagadish
Monique Guild

Ron Amitron

Lori Spagna

Paul & Lillie Weisbart


Travis Walton

David Murphy

Harry Drew

Serena Wright Taylor
Brooks Agnew

Jeffrey Smith

Emy Shanti


Roger Leir

James Capers

Aurora Ariel

Nick Delgado

Howard Martin

Deborah Pietsch

Barbara Lamb

Ravi Kumar

Austin Meyers

Dr. Robert Marshall

Steven Druker

Gilles-Eric Seralini

Michael Antoniou


Don Huber

Richard Greene

Kaitlyn Keyt

Ron James

The Exhibit Hall

Packed with exhibitors delivering high quality goods and services. The marketplace and information center for the community


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Give a Free Lecture
The Workshop Program

At the October Expo we focus on what it means to live in a transformed world. Personally, globally and spiritually.

October 2012 Workshop Program
(almost done)

Speaking Opportunities
We are all very interested in meeting new people with new ideas. Read through the Speaker Criteria and submit a Speaker Application.

Attending the Expo

Come early and stay late! Enjoy the entire 3 Day Party with specially discounted hotel room packages and low cost admission.
(Tickets go on Sale August 15)

Early Bird Packages
Hotel Rooms
Day Pass
Combination Passes
General Workshops
Special Events180
Banquet Dinner