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Celebrate the End to End Times

John Hogue

Saturday, October 6, 12pm - 1:30pm

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     Do you remember 2012? What a year that was! We all lived it a dozen years ago when the quickening of history and the fever of climate change began. We are well into the death and renewal of ages. But all books and experts so far have overlooked the real year that was “2012” and specifically Nostradamus’ direct connection to it.

      Prophecy scholar and world respected Nostradamus expert John Hogue will take you back to the future, dispelling 25 years of doom and blooms day myths so that what Nostradamus and the Mayan prophecies actually intended can have a last word in these final days of popular obsession with 2012. John Hogue will also share a meditation technique that can help one celebrate and live each moment galactically aligned and harmonically converged, ever NOW. No date on a calendar or galactic line up required.


     John Hogue is the author of 19 books in 19 languages on collective prophecies concerning humanity’s future in an era of evolutionary breakdown or breakthrough. A frequent guest of Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory, Hogue has appeared on 110 television and 800 radio shows on four continents. Television appearances include CNN, The Today Show, History Channel's Nostradamus Effect, Next Nostradamus and Discovery’s Nostradamus Decoded. Currently in production are five prophecy documentaries for History Channel, National Geographic and Canadian television.