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Conscious Life Seminars presents                        

Saturday     September 27     11 am - 6 pm
LAX Hilton / Century Ballroom
Join us for a day long seminar where we explore how the Government, the Banks and the Media have joined together to hide many different truths from its citizens. Kerry Cassidy and Sean David Morton will guide us through this maze of misinformation, denial and outright mistruth. Don't miss it! 

Tickets available at the door $95

The Secret Government


     The Shadow or Secret Government has grown in leaps and bounds since WWII where the primary raison d'ętre became the Secret Space Program.  This program involves Black Projects that use newly invented and acquired technologies with the help of treaties and relationships over time with various ET races, both on and off planet.

     In this special 3 hour seminar, Kerry will cover the ET visitation to Planet Earth, where they have contacting both our allies and adversaries and how conscious awareness of the multi-verse and the truth behind the Matrix can empower us to deal with this brave new world.

     Kerry Cassidy is a documentary filmmaker/investigative journalist and well known radio talk show host of Project Camelot Whistleblower Radio.  Her website Project Camelot ( ) is a leader in the alternative media sector, with a YouTube channel that has millions of viewers worldwide. She has produced several highly regarded Camelot conferences with the trademark name "Awake and Aware" featuring key witnesses and researchers that are part of the Camelot history of interviews.

   Kerry's Blog has gone viral and become a must see news commentary space picked up by alternative news organizations around the world. Kerry travels the world conducting interviews and documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as authors, researchers and experiencers covering conspiracies, the secret space program, black projects, ETs, and free energy.

Personal Sovereignty

The Revolution Starts With You

      Is there a splinter in your mind telling you something is desperately wrong with our society? Especially in the way our government molests, oppresses, imprisons, rapes and destroys its “U.S. Citizens”? Did you wonder whatever happened to our so-called “RIGHTS”? What happened to the Constitution? And to a government “by, for and of the people?”

     Do you realize we are ALL considered “incompetent”, “wards of the state”, “residents” and merely “chattel property” of the US Federal government. That is, until we declare our Emancipation?  Learn all the secrets about how to get the government off your back and out of your life once and for all!! We will learn about the “Bond Process” which sets off, settles and discharges all debt. We will learn about the “Superman Paperwork” that gives you Diplomatic Immunity. And much more!

       Let Dr. Sean-David Morton, who has fought and beaten these forces time and again, teach you about the power that comes with becoming a “DE JURE, NON-14th Amendment CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC STATE NATIONAL”



     Dr. Sean-David Morton is host of the #1 talk show on the Internet, www.Strange Universe (M-F. 3-5pm Pacific). He is the author of 3 bestselling books,  Black Seraph, The Dark Prophet and Sands of Time. He was one of Art Bell's favorite guests, and has been the publisher of the award winning Delphi Associates Newsletter for the past 17 years.

     He has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs including Ancient Aliens, Montell, Hard Copy, Paranormal Borderline, Sightings and Geraldo. An award-winning Indie film writer/director. Dr. Morton is also an expert on constitutional rights, helping people throw off the shackles of an increasingly oppressive government and banking system.

Tickets available at the door $95